Bermuda's Very Own

Event Type Social


30apr01may#TGI ThursdaysHappy Hour

30apr01mayChill SaturdaysEach and Every Other Saturday

30apr01maySocial Saturdays

30apr01mayB56 Beats Night

30apr01maycome out of your Kave

30apr01maySoca TherapyWe Fete Till We Can't No More

30apr01mayBack to Basics

03may(may 3)5:00 pm07(may 7)7:00 pmChubb Bermuda Open 2022 Squash Championships - World Qualifying Event

06may(may 6)5:00 pm07(may 7)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

06may(may 6)10:00 pm07(may 7)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

07may(may 7)8:00 pm08(may 8)12:00 am#TGI ThursdaysHappy Hour

07may(may 7)8:00 pm08(may 8)12:00 amChill SaturdaysEach and Every Other Saturday

07may(may 7)9:00 pm08(may 8)2:00 amSocial Saturdays

07may(may 7)9:00 pm08(may 8)3:00 amToast to Mama

07may(may 7)9:00 pm08(may 8)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

07may(may 7)9:30 pm08(may 8)3:00 amToast to MamaPre Mother's Day Party

07may(may 7)9:30 pm08(may 8)3:00 pmPre Mother's DayOld School Vibes

07may(may 7)10:00 pm08(may 8)2:00 amcome out of your Kave

08may2:00 pm12:00 amMother's DayAll White Affiar

13may(may 13)5:00 pm14(may 14)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

13may(may 13)10:00 pm14(may 14)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

14may(may 14)8:00 pm15(may 15)12:00 amChill SaturdaysEach and Every Other Saturday

14may(may 14)8:00 pm15(may 15)12:00 am#TGI ThursdaysHappy Hour

14may(may 14)9:00 pm15(may 15)2:00 amSocial Saturdays

14may(may 14)9:00 pm15(may 15)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

14may(may 14)10:00 pm15(may 15)2:00 amcome out of your Kave

17may5:00 pm11:00 pmOasis Sunrise Fete

20may(may 20)5:00 pm21(may 21)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

20may(may 20)10:00 pm21(may 21)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

21mayAll DayBikes Up Guns Down Community Day

21may(may 21)8:00 pm22(may 22)2:00 amR.A.A. VibesEpisode Two

21may(may 21)8:00 pm22(may 22)12:00 am#TGI ThursdaysHappy Hour

21may(may 21)8:00 pm22(may 22)12:00 amChill SaturdaysEach and Every Other Saturday

21may(may 21)9:00 pm22(may 22)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

23may11:00 am1:00 pmMummy & Me Cooking Classes

27may(may 27)5:00 pm28(may 28)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

27may(may 27)10:00 pm28(may 28)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

28mayAll Day29Stone Love

28may(may 28)8:00 pm29(may 29)12:00 amChill SaturdaysEach and Every Other Saturday

28may(may 28)8:00 pm29(may 29)12:00 am#TGI ThursdaysHappy Hour

28may(may 28)9:00 pm29(may 29)3:00 amB56 Beats Night


03jun(jun 3)5:00 pm04(jun 4)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

03jun(jun 3)10:00 pm04(jun 4)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

04jun6:00 pm11:00 pmConcacaf Nations League

04jun(jun 4)8:00 pm05(jun 5)12:00 am#TGI ThursdaysHappy Hour

04jun(jun 4)8:00 pm05(jun 5)12:00 amChill SaturdaysEach and Every Other Saturday

04jun(jun 4)9:00 pm05(jun 5)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

10jun(jun 10)5:00 pm11(jun 11)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

10jun(jun 10)6:30 pm11(jun 11)9:30 pmUDP 30th Anniversary Recital

10jun(jun 10)10:00 pm11(jun 11)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

11jun(jun 11)8:00 pm12(jun 12)1:00 amHot and Hotter

11jun(jun 11)9:00 pm12(jun 12)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

12jun11:00 amNext LevelA Day Rave

17jun(jun 17)5:00 pm18(jun 18)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

17jun(jun 17)9:00 pm18(jun 18)3:00 amWe Love Dancehall

17jun(jun 17)9:00 pm18(jun 18)3:00 amThe Kick OffRep you Band

17jun(jun 17)10:00 pm18(jun 18)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

18junAll DayEuphoria

18junAll DaySail Away Raft Up Cruise

18jun(jun 18)9:00 pm19(jun 19)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

19junAll DayPURE The White Party

19jun(jun 19)9:00 am20(jun 20)2:00 pmWetta Bermuda 2022

19jun5:00 pm11:00 pmGLOW Bermuda

19jun(jun 19)8:30 pm20(jun 20)1:00 amA Father’s Day Big People’s Affair

20jun(jun 20)9:00 pm21(jun 21)3:00 amRevel de Road

24jun(jun 24)5:00 pm25(jun 25)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

24jun(jun 24)10:00 pm25(jun 25)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

25jun(jun 25)9:00 pm26(jun 26)3:00 amB56 Beats Night


01jul5:00 pm02(jul 2)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

01jul6:30 pm10:00 pmSimons Sunset Summer Swizzle Cruise’s

01jul10:00 pm02(jul 2)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

02jul(jul 2)9:00 pm03(jul 3)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

03julAll DayScooterMart Bermuda Charge MOTOR FEST

08jul(jul 8)5:00 pm09(jul 9)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

09jul(jul 9)9:00 pm10(jul 10)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

15jul(jul 15)5:00 pm16(jul 16)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

16jul(jul 16)9:00 pm17(jul 17)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

22jul(jul 22)5:00 pm23(jul 23)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

23jul(jul 23)9:00 pm24(jul 24)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

28julAll DayWett Fete

28julAll Day29Wet Fete

29jul(jul 29)5:00 pm30(jul 30)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR


05aug6:30 pm10:00 pmSimons Sunset Summer Swizzle Cruise’s


01sep9:00 am11(sep 11)7:00 pmKappa Classic

02sep6:30 pm10:00 pmSimons Sunset Summer Swizzle Cruise’s (Copy)

CADA: Encouraging Responsible Alcohol Behavior

Always using Bus, Cab or Designated Driver