Bermuda's Very Own

Event Type Summer Fun

Summer fun, water events, cruises, raft ups etc.


30apr01mayB56 Beats Night

30apr01mayBack to Basics

30apr01maySoca TherapyWe Fete Till We Can't No More

03may(may 3)5:00 pm07(may 7)7:00 pmChubb Bermuda Open 2022 Squash Championships - World Qualifying Event

06may(may 6)5:00 pm07(may 7)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

06may(may 6)10:00 pm07(may 7)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

07may(may 7)9:00 pm08(may 8)3:00 amToast to Mama

07may(may 7)9:00 pm08(may 8)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

07may(may 7)9:30 pm08(may 8)3:00 amToast to MamaPre Mother's Day Party

07may(may 7)9:30 pm08(may 8)3:00 pmPre Mother's DayOld School Vibes

08may2:00 pm12:00 amMother's DayAll White Affiar

08may6:00 pm9:00 pmALL WHITE Mother's Day Cruise

13may(may 13)5:00 pm14(may 14)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

13may(may 13)10:00 pm14(may 14)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

14may(may 14)9:00 pm15(may 15)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

17may5:00 pm11:00 pmOasis Sunrise Fete

20may11:30 am7:00 pmFamily Affair Fish Fry FundraiserSupporting Family Centre and Focus Counselling Services

20may(may 20)5:00 pm21(may 21)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

20may(may 20)10:00 pm21(may 21)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

21mayAll DayBikes Up Guns Down Community Day

21may(may 21)9:00 pm22(may 22)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

27may(may 27)5:00 pm28(may 28)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

27may(may 27)10:00 pm28(may 28)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

28mayAll Day29Stone Love

28may(may 28)9:00 pm29(may 29)3:00 amB56 Beats Night


03jun(jun 3)5:00 pm04(jun 4)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

03jun(jun 3)10:00 pm04(jun 4)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

04jun(jun 4)9:00 pm05(jun 5)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

10jun(jun 10)5:00 pm11(jun 11)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

10jun(jun 10)10:00 pm11(jun 11)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

11jun(jun 11)8:00 pm12(jun 12)1:00 amHot and Hotter

11jun(jun 11)9:00 pm12(jun 12)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

12jun11:00 amNext LevelA Day Rave

17jun(jun 17)5:00 pm18(jun 18)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

17jun(jun 17)9:00 pm18(jun 18)3:00 amWe Love Dancehall

17jun(jun 17)9:00 pm18(jun 18)3:00 amThe Kick OffRep you Band

17jun(jun 17)10:00 pm18(jun 18)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

18junAll DayEuphoria

18junAll DaySail Away Raft Up Cruise

18jun(jun 18)9:00 pm19(jun 19)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

19junAll DayPURE The White Party

19jun(jun 19)9:00 am20(jun 20)2:00 pmWetta Bermuda 2022

19jun5:00 pm11:00 pmGLOW Bermuda

19jun(jun 19)8:30 pm20(jun 20)1:00 amA Father’s Day Big People’s Affair

20jun1:00 am4:00 amJ'ouvert AM

20jun(jun 20)9:00 pm21(jun 21)3:00 amRevel de Road

24jun(jun 24)5:00 pm25(jun 25)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

24jun(jun 24)10:00 pm25(jun 25)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

25jun(jun 25)9:00 pm26(jun 26)3:00 amB56 Beats Night


01jul5:00 pm02(jul 2)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

01jul6:30 pm10:00 pmSimons Sunset Summer Swizzle Cruise’s

01jul10:00 pm02(jul 2)3:00 amDJ Scoobay LIVE

02jul(jul 2)9:00 pm03(jul 3)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

03julAll DayScooterMart Bermuda Charge MOTOR FEST

08jul(jul 8)5:00 pm09(jul 9)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

09jul(jul 9)9:00 pm10(jul 10)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

15jul(jul 15)5:00 pm16(jul 16)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

16jul(jul 16)9:00 pm17(jul 17)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

22jul(jul 22)5:00 pm23(jul 23)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

23jul(jul 23)9:00 pm24(jul 24)3:00 amB56 Beats Night

28julAll DayWett Fete

28julAll Day29Wet Fete

29jul(jul 29)5:00 pm30(jul 30)1:00 amTricky Friday’s HAPPY HOUR

29jul(jul 29)10:00 pm30(jul 30)3:00 amCup Match Fever


05aug6:30 pm10:00 pmSimons Sunset Summer Swizzle Cruise’s


02sep6:30 pm10:00 pmSimons Sunset Summer Swizzle Cruise’s (Copy)

CADA: Encouraging Responsible Alcohol Behavior

Always using Bus, Cab or Designated Driver